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Testimonials for Louisville's Medium

Crystal Williams

Joseph - thanks again for an amazing reading. I was so anxious in the days leading up to our session because it was my first visit to a medium and I wasn't sure what to expect. My fear was that the one person I was desperate to hear from would not come through - and yet, within the first few moments of our session, he was present. My tears came immediately and I was certain this was going to be an experience I would not forget. It was astonishing how well you conveyed my dad's personality... but it was necessary in order for me to be certain it was him. My dad has been gone for 8 years and I have struggled throughout to find some sort of comfort and peace about his passing and the circumstances surrounding it. After receiving the messages through you, I feel I have gained new perspective and a huge chunk of the boulder I carried on my shoulder has been lifted. I was amazed at some of the very specific items you touched on... things no one would know... You are gifted in an amazing way. I am grateful for the chance to meet with you and continue to share my experience with others in hopes they will find healing as well. I will definitely be scheduling a follow-up soon.

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Heather Gutermuth Niehoff

Joseph's reading was very on point, there's no way he could have known the things he told me. Not only did I have loved ones come through, I had grandparents of my husband's, in which I have never met, come through and deliver messages. Not only did Joseph's reading touch me, he touched my husband, my mother in law and my mother. I highly recommend getting a reading from Joseph, he's a very beautiful soul!

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Donna Barry

Joseph, thank u for sharing your gift with me. To say I was overwhelmed would be an understatement, from the tears that filled your eyes while speaking of my mother, to my family dynamics, to my brothers passion and to the love my fiance and I shared and to how I mask the pain. You spoke of things there were no way for u to know of. ...all I can say is thank u from the bottom of my heart!

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Doug Teacher JCPS

Prior to having Joseph do a reading for me I thought that psychics were fake. I was curious how he was going to try and get information from me prior to the reading. To my surprise there was no probing for information. To the contrary Joseph asked that I not share anything to lend validity to the evening. After having gone through this experience I don't know what to think. Joseph said things to me that he could not have known. He connected with my brother in law and gave specifics surrounding his death which were accurate. Given my level of skepticism I don't know what to think. What I experienced with Joseph can't be explained away as fake.

Carl Taylor, Pekin, In.

I never believed in mediums or physics , I always thought this was fake, until I met Joseph and he told me about things no one else would know about. My best friend had passed a few years ago, he spoke to me through Joseph, there were things only he and I knew and Joseph was telling me things that I thought was a secret between my late friend and I. I was amazed. He knew my mom was sick and told me the day she was leaving this world. My friend Steve who had passed even told Joseph things his (Steve's) wife had told me after he had passed. I was blown away. I never believed until I met Joseph, now I tell everyone one about his wonderful gift.

Client who wished to remain anonymous

I appreciate what you do, have seen the smiles and teary eyes of those you have helped to connect with loved ones, and because of your God-given gift, have been released from the profound guilt and grief that accompanied the passing of my sweet McKenzie.

Karel Tiitsman Analyst | GPAS

My name is Karel and I have known Joseph Herron for many years. I have seen him give many healing messages from the other side. His accuracy is astounding and I always look forward to these experiences with my friend.

Dr. Rick Reul D.C.

Aside from being a very gifted psychic and medium, Joseph has a very gentle spirit. His sincerity and caring approach allow for a unique and meaningful experience.

Craig W. school teacher JCPS

I have known Joseph and the wonderful thing he does with his "gift" for several years. He has given me messages from my spirits numerous times. The messages always start off with a validation process where the spirit will tell him things that only I would know from that person. After that, the message(s) follow. All messages have always been spot on, and I have been grateful for the messages given. Joseph has also worked with me as an intuitive counselor. Joseph has been able to use his psychic and medium capacities to help guide me and positively grow in my life.

It is interesting to be out with Joseph when he gets a message for someone. He starts with this funny face while he is determining the message and who it is for. There have been times the message was so strong, he was not able to do anything else until he determined who it was for and delivered the message. Those people were always able to validate the message, were excited to be getting the message, and left satisfied after receiving the message their deceased family member gave.

Judy I.

While attempting to live in the "Sunlight of the Spirit" , one's spirit wanes at times... In my search for healing, my spirit asked for divine guidance and very soon Divine Providence stepped up to greet me. Upon meeting Joseph, immediately I began to receive the effects of his gifts of "intuitiveness" and his special connections with souls, who have already crossed over (especially some special souls who have been in my life). Finally I have been blessed to be spiritually guided and counseled by such a man, who is teaching me how important "Joy" is: What gifts of grace for my soul to grasp. Thank You...

Richard Clark Truck Driver

I would like to take a moment to thank Joseph. I have never had someone able to tell me that my Grandmother has been watching me and is proud of me. I talk to her all the time and now I know she's always with me. I miss my Grandmother dearly and for Joseph to tell me about her really touched me! It was a wonderful experience.

Thank you Joseph