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Growth and Healing Through Messages
Joseph with one of his clients

About Joseph Herron

I want to start by wishing thanks and blessings to all those who made this website possible. For all those who have supported and encouraged my special gift. For a long time I tried to hide my light but now I am ready to let it shine.

My Journey Through Spiritualism

When I was young, I would have nightly visits. These visits were terrifying to a scared little boy who didn't understand; however, they were just the beginning of my gifts and journey through this world.

When I was a teenager, I seemed to know things before they happened. Frequently, I found myself able to explain to people what was happening in their lives, as well as what was about to happen, without any prior knowledge.

As a young adult, I lost so many people from this world to the next. During this time, I realized that sometimes after a soul passes on, that they are able to communicate again with us.

I explored different beliefs and religions. Although I found many of them had teachings and viewpoints that made sense to me, none of them felt complete until I discovered spiritualism. Wow! All of my inner-thoughts, beliefs, gifts, and messages that have carried me this far, all welcomed in one belief system. I had finally found it: Something that completed me - something that finally made everything make sense to me!

Spiritualism is a religion that believes the souls of the departed, not only have the ability, but want to communicate with us. These souls not only survive after death but still have the personality and true essence of the person. It is a blessing for me to share messages with you. This process is deeply spiritual for me. Most people have an emotional response to the messages, and connection with spirit.